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Leonard Kately

Leonard Kately has been drawing since before he could write his name. A self-taught artist, he started publishing his own titles based upon characters which drew upon his experiences being a Black kid with a military Father whose job  migrated the family  state-to-state every few years gaining new cultural experiences, a twin, a son whose Mother is a neighborhood organizer who witnessed change, growth, and stagnation in the community. 
New World Comics titles' tackles such real life subjects as race relations, African spirituality, terrorism, political corruption, benign neglect and poverty, sexism, drugs, governmental cover ups, global warming, the unique Black experience in America, and religious intolerance. All the while keeping with the excitement, action and adventure comics are known for. In addition to the titles we currently produce, we have a periodical called New World Comics Preview. And we hope to produce either a limited series or a graphic novel  featuring a team called Strikeforce-1.
We are also hoping to develop a line of action figures based on the characters of the New World Comics' Universe. This will open the door to other ventures we hope to be a part of such as video games, web comics and motion pictures.

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